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talented Senior Software Engineer

I am a 26 years old remote senior software engineer specialist in web development using Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Vue.js and Typescript, with 5+ years of experience.

I enjoy solving complex challenges and building applications, I'm often recognized for my strong reasoning, quick-learning, and pro-activity.

personal info

name: Felipe Tuyama time of experience: 5+ years

as Software Engineer

graduation: ITA (2017) post graduation: MTU (2023) location: 🇧🇷 - SP - BR
Who am i?
I'm a software engineer interested in learning new technologies and facing new challenges. Since my first C coding class at university, I'm fascinated by software.
What I'm really good at?
Efficiently formulate solutions using logical approach to the problems. I'm a fast learner and thinker, using my knowledge to design the best strategy ever.
How can you contact me?
Simply send me an email or call me on LinkedIn. I'd be pleased to discuss some interesting idea or project proposal.
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work experiences

Knowing better my trajectory. In essence, you make your choices, and then your choices make you.

Total Experience Time

5+ years as Software Engineer

"One cannot guess the real difficulties of a problem before having solved it."

- Carl Siegel -

My awesome portfolio

Beautiful solutions and projects I have done in the past.

TEEG project


TEEG project

Graduation Thesis

The thesis studies the EEG signals and their characteristics, using neural networks of deep learning to model high level abstractions. The elaborated algorithm was used to control a robotic arm, culminating in the proof of concept of a BCI (Brain Computer Interface) application.

crono project


crono project

University project

A web calendar application using Node.js and Angular.js, developed by hobby. Crono integrates Google and Facebook events, adding extra features using, allowing a “Kanban mode”. Also includes a chat using Redis cache as content storage.

trader bot
Trader Bot

Trader Bot

trader bot

Infinitus GO project

Trading bot is a complete bot engine framework built using Python3 and API integration to more then 60 exchanges such as Binance Futures and Huobi.
It's a platform to easily build, test and simulate new trading strategies, created together with the trader's team.

alc xms


alc xms

Scientific project

ALC XMS is a undergraduate scientific project to synthesize an asynchronous machine state VHDL (Hardware Description Language) from a simple machine state description, using a C software I developed.

Dev Manager

Dev Manager

dev manager

Engineering manager project

The Dev Manager Project is a tool designed to help development managers track the performance of their developers by collecting data from Slack, JIRA, and Gitlab.

cracking the tech interview
Cracking the Tech Interview

Cracking the Tech Interview

Cracking the Tech Interview is a live library project designed to help developers on technical interviews, including knowledge of programming languages concepts, architecture, english, and much more

My certificates

Courses and certificates I achieved.

technical skills

Authoritatively foster bricks-and-clicks networks rather than superior architectures. Compellingly mesh frictionless imperatives vis-a-vis emerging.

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Web Dev




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New Relic


language skills

Distinctively implement granular e-commerce whereas business innovation. Rapidiously unleash viral niches vis-a-vis real-time catalysts.

Here's what i'm doing

About my daily work and stuff I really love doing.

HTML5/CSS coding

I really like coding solutions to people, tools and pages that solve real problems.


Love coding and building amazing solutions, planning the best architecture I can.


Developing better products and giving user the best experience they can have.


Designing software is not only about coding. It's about planning, making good choices.

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